Monday, February 25, 2008

New 12 Foot Electric Kayak Coming Soon

This is Karen reporting for Jim. He has been swamped with finishing up his patent for his Kingfisher Kayak and now he is buried in building another kayak. This time it is the two seater that so many people have requested. He should be done in another week, so look forward to seeing it on his website, Kingfisher Electric Boats.

We also took the time to have official logos made; which you can see above. We also purchased a toy hauler to take the kayaks to boat and sport shows in the Pacific Northwest. We can now eat, sleep and haul in one trailer.

We look forward to attending Mess Abouts with an Oregon based hand-built boating group that Jim met up in Port Townsand, WA at the Wooden Boat Show. In May, they are meeting up at the Lagoon Area just south of us below Crescent City, CA. Jim has always thought he would love to fish those lagoons.

Jim has built into the toy hauler brackets to hold two kayaks up against one wall to take the least amount of space. We even have room for a couple recliners! We think we may need those if we stand on our feet all day at a boat show. After all, we aren't as young as we used to be. We are pulling the trailer with our old trusty diesel truck. They will hear us coming! We could even put a couple of our dogs in the back of the truck for camping situations. I know Mags would love going. She is Jim's shadow and hates to be left behind.

Sadie, our youngest lab, would also enjoy swimming and hiking. She has defective hips, but isn't limping yet. We keep her close so she won't ruin herself, but swimming is the best thing she can do for herself. She swims in our pond all year long and then comes into the house dripping wet! I haven't managed to get her to understand that wet dogs are not welcome. Sometimes, a dog door isn't the best thing.

You might just meet up with us at one of the shows or in a camp ground somewhere within a few hundred miles of Brookings, Oregon. We will be putting large logos on the top sides of the toy hauler and on the back. We will be easy to spot. I will get a schedule onto Jim's website soon.

I also ordered Jim and I white T-shirts with the logo on them. You can spot us easy - we are are a gray haired couple talking kayak talk wearing white t-shirts with a Kingfisher logo. I'll have to hide the shirts while we are at home, or Jim will manage to get fiberglass stuck on the front of his! He has fiberglass on my favorite down vest. It is his vest, but I love to wear it too - and now it just doesn't look so good.